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?Millie is a fiend for Cobber, it?s all she eats. Millie leads a double life, she is excellent at working sheep but sleeps on her owners bed at night.?


Bonnie is a 9 week old New Zealand Huntaway, she will probably never win Cobber Challenge! She?s from good working lines, but much happier to snooze with her toys or round up her big sister (lol).

Site Supervisor

Always watching over work on the farm, and occasionally partaking in herding of the local rabbits and wildlife, Buddy is more often than not found supervising from the comfort of the Ute! But he is a loyal companion and a trusted Site Supervisor, who loves his Cobber Country Dog (and is often found hiding it from his Kelpie mate Doug!)


Our German Shepherd Humphrey absolutely loves his Working dog mix. He is an absolute clown and is constantly making us laugh!



Our dog's name is Blue, named so because she has one 'blue' eye. She's a Border Collie x Kelpie who we found in a dog shelter. Blue spent her first 8 years on a 20 acre wine grape vineyard. She's never had a proper job of rounding up livestock, but she's certainly made it her job to chase off kangaroos and almost any other animal that set foot on her property. She always enjoyed playing a game of 'boo!' with the horses in the adjoining paddock.
She's kept us fit with long runs and helped us make new friends.
Blue is now 10 years old and living on a smaller block and best of all she's mellowed out. She still enjoys playing 'boo!' with the neighbour's cattle and sheep. She was a lot of work in the beginning, but we wouldn't trade her for another dog.

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