Alexander Gregory TAS

Location Ross
Occupation Beef and sheep farmer

Alexander Gregory, the owner of Angel, is a beef and sheep farmer from Ross, Tasmania. Growing up, Alex always wanted to work on the farm and work with dogs. Now, he's living that dream working with seven kelpies on a 40,000ha property. While Alex loves the farm-work, it's the dogs that are his true passion. For Alex, breeding Angel, training her and seeing her develop into a skilled farm worker is an irreplaceable experience.

Angel TAS

Location Ross
Age 3
Gender Female

Angel got her name from her owner's sister, and they thought it suited her. She's lovely, friendly dog who works every day with Alex, her owner, on their farm. Angel is very loyal and never gives up. She'll go until she drops, tries her heart out for you. She just wants to do the job for you and doesn't want to be left alone. Angel and Alex are best mates, they'll do anything for each other.


Overall Position Metric Total
3 1 Speed 10.11 km/h
  3 Distance 514.7 km
  6 Duration 50h 53m 6s