Hayden Harries 

Location Boyup Brook
Occupation Sheep farmer

Hayden Harries, the owner of Astor, is a sheep farmer from Boyuk Brook, Western Australia. Growing up on a farm, Hayden didn't originally work with dogs. His first experience with working dogs came when he lent a hand to a farming neighbour. Hayden's strong interest in dogs was born when that same neighbour gave him a pup of his own. Since then, Hayden has been obsessed. When he isn't working with his team of 10 dogs on the farm, he works on his hobby - dog trialling.


Border Collie
Location Boyup Brook
Age 6
Gender Male

Astor is a strong-willed dog. He's the top of the pecking order of his handler Hayden's 10 dogs. But despite this, he's is a very obedient dog, and still pretty flexible which means Hayden can use him with whatever he's faced with. Astor's competitive in the trials too making the open utility finals in Tarwonga this year. Watch out Cobber dogs, this one's tough!


Overall Position Metric Total
11 10 Speed 3.99 km/h
  11 Distance 82.4 km
  11 Duration 20h 37m 41s


Date Speed Distance Duration Points  
08/09/2017 10.55 km/h 9.6 km 0h 54m 30s 6515 View map
07/09/2017 2.68 km/h 12.9 km 4h 48m 55s 3296 View map
05/09/2017 3.41 km/h 19.5 km 5h 42m 58s 4673 View map
03/09/2017 2.94 km/h 18.0 km 6h 6m 31s 4221 View map
02/09/2017 7.54 km/h 10.1 km 1h 20m 27s 5170 View map
28/08/2017 7.10 km/h 12.4 km 1h 44m 20s 5312 View map