Liz Miller QLD

Location Mingela
Occupation Beef farmer

Liz Miller, the owner of Bear, is a beef farmer from Mingela, Queensland. It was at her original Mt Isa property where she first investigated the value of working dogs on farm. When Liz and her family moved to Mingela seven years ago, employing workings dogs became a necessity. Since then, Liz has been breeding, training and employing working dogs. Liz is an advocate for the huge value working dogs provide on farms. For her, being the most important part of participating in the Cobber Challenge is spreading awareness of working dogs on farms to other farmers, and the rest of Australia.

Bear QLD

Border Collie
Location Mingela
Age 7
Gender Male

Bear works with his owner, Liz, without verbal commands in outback Queensland. Bear herds Liz's 1500 beef cattle in teams of 4 dogs, all with his natural instinct. None of them need verbal commands, you can't rely on this in their environment. Bear is a nonchalant type of dog, he's friendly with kids but doesn't really want pats or cuddles. He just loves to work and isn't side-tracked or distracted by too much. Bear's owner Liz said that Bear is an incredible dog and wants more people to know that if you treat them well, they'll work loyally for you with their all for as long as they can. Liz wants to elevate the recognition of the value of working dogs by the public and that's why she joined in the Cobber Challenge.


Overall Position Metric Total
7 5 Speed 5.82 km/h
  7 Distance 278.5 km
  7 Duration 47h 53m 31s