Paul Duffield 

Location Darkan
Occupation Sheep farmer

Paul Duffield, the owner of Blue, is a sheep farmer from Darkan, Western Australia. After a career in sport Paul came back to the countryside two years ago, to enjoy a quieter life. The change has instilled a desire in Paul to promote the importance of farming. While he missed out on Blue's early years, he loves working with dogs on farm and is proud to have the mature veteran, Blue, shine a light on rural and farming communities.


Location Darkan
Age 7
Gender Male

Kelpie-cross, 7-year-old Blue was sky blue when he was born. That's how he got his name, though his fur is more charcoal now. Like his birth colour, Blue is soft and shy around people which makes for a surprise when he's out with the sheep. Because when he is out with the sheep he is very attentive, really listens in. He is a great sheep dog. His experience does him good - you can always rely on old Blue. When he's off work, he'll loiter around the house and relax in the sun. Blue's pretty happy with his life.


Overall Position Metric Total
8 4 Speed 6.93 km/h
  8 Distance 216.8 km
  10 Duration 31h 18m 0s