• RepresentingVIC
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age6
  • GenderMale

Henry received Boof as an eight-week-old pup in April 2013. He's a station-bred dog from a hardworking line with plenty of natural ability. He's now the patriarch of Henry's working dog stud, Quamby Kelpies, which was established this year as a way to build a community around Boof and his progeny. Boof is an all-round worker but his favourite jobs are breaking up bullfights in the paddock and working in the yards during lamb marking and weaning. He has a lot of energy and intensity, enjoys a challenge and is extremely bold and brave, sometimes putting his body on the line a little more than Henry is comfortable with. At the end of the day Boof likes nothing more than playing with a tennis ball at any opportunity.

Henry Lawrence

I'm at Winchelsea, Victoria, on a mixed property of 5,600ha, half of which runs 500 head of Angus stud breeding cows plus young stock and 5,000 breeding composite ewes. I've grown up with working dogs but only got into training and using them full-time when I got Boof in April 2013. Boof has been an extremely hardworking dog right from a young age with a natural learning ability. Now that he's a bit older I don't really need to give him any commands - he just knows what to do (sometimes better than me). He's extremely loyal and only works for me and occasionally my partner. Boof is just as much part of the family as he is a work dog. He's my best mate and always by my side so he does get spoilt, but he works for 11-plus hours per day on lots of different terrains and in all types of weather so I think he deserves a good feed and a warm bed when he comes home. People following this Challenge need to understand that for most farmers these dogs are family and what we do wouldn't be possible without them.