Patsy Trevor NSW

Location Waverly
Occupation Beef and sheep farmer

Patsy Trevor, the owner of Boss, is a beef and sheep farmer from Waverly, New South Wales. After leaving the land several years ago Patsy stepped away from working dogs, instead keeping Arabian horses for endurance riding. But Patsy couldn't escape her love of the land. Returning to stock work two and a half years ago, there's nothing she loves more than being out and about working with her dogs. As a plus loading dogs into the back of the truck is a fair bit easier than loading horses.

Boss NSW

Location Waverly
Age 3
Gender Male

Boss' real name is Stockman's Bush, but his handler, Patsy, calls him Boss because he is the boss of everyone else. Boss is really loyal and Patsy can always rely on him to be there for her. When he's not chasing beef cows and sheep, Boss is chasing frisbees or Patsy's other dogs down the creek which is the perfect reward after a hard day.


Overall Position Metric Total
6 11 Speed 3.32 km/h
  6 Distance 314.4 km
  3 Duration 94h 38m 5s