• RepresentingTAS
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age2
  • GenderMale

Clyde enjoys paddock work A LOT. He can be timid and is a soft dog with a lot of personality, which means he's in his element in the open spaces. Bree thinks his love for casting way out in the paddock will give him a great shot at the challenge. Clyde and Bree formed a strong bond when he was her shotgun rider from NSW down to Tasmania, sleeping for nine hours without moving a muscle. He claimed the front seat then and there. Clyde loves kids and when he's not chasing stock he thinks he's a puppy again, chasing down little people.

Bree-Elle How

I work on a sheep and dairy farm in northern Tasmania. I enjoy the bond I have with the dogs. I'm fairly new to working dogs but I'm loving it and they teach me something new about them every day. Clyde doesn't go a day without giving me 110% and we've formed a really great bond since he's joined my team. Even if we don't win the Challenge, we'll definitely have given it a good crack, and I can't wait to celebrate what Clyde does for us on the farm.