• RepresentingQLD
  • BreedBorder Collie
  • Age2
  • GenderMale

Wildside Ernie is a bit of a softy and loves a scratch every chance he gets. He's always trying his best to help Simon and the two make a great team. Simon says Ernie is very eager to please, has good working stamina and covers the country well. The terrain is mostly undulating Brigalow country, sometimes with heavy suckers and rocky ground. Ernie will be part of Simon's breeding program in due course at Wildside Working Dogs but so far the mother of those future pups hasn't yet been chosen.

Simon Clark

My property at Moura, south-west of Rockhampton in Central Queensland, covers just over 5,000ha. All our work is paddock work with cattle. I started my own working dog team in 2008 with Ernie's grandfather. Dogs make working cattle a pleasure rather than a task. I'm amazed that a 20kg dog can control a large number of much heavier animals with relative ease. I think the Challenge is a great thing to be part of, comparing dogs from different states and country/work types. It also brings to light how much work our dogs actually do and shows how much of an asset they are.