Bradley McDonald TAS

Location Fingal
Occupation Beef and sheep farmer

Brad McDonald, the owner of Flow, is a beef and sheep farmer from Fingal, Tasmania. Brad left the farm six years ago and took up saw milling for a taste of something different. During this time, Brad's love for dogs remained. It wasn't long before he returned to the farm, and his passion for working with dogs. Training different dogs for different purposes was a unique and rewarding experience that Brad knows he can't get anywhere else.

Flow TAS

Location Fingal
Age 6
Gender Female

The first day Flow was taken home she was already a year old but had never seen a sheep. Brad, her new owner, was impressed therefore at how well she handled the sheep when he took her to the shearing shed for the first time. It was just her natural ability, right off the bat. Flow is Brad's main dog, and when they're out fishing together she'll dig a hole underneath his chair to sit in.


Overall Position Metric Total
1 2 Speed 8.52 km/h
  1 Distance 716.0 km
  4 Duration 84h 0m 1s