Fly A

  • RepresentingNSW
  • BreedKelpie x Collie
  • Age3
  • GenderFemale

Fly is Oliver's "go-to dog for any job" - always up for anything, whether it be moving a big mob of ewes or processing lambs through the yards. Her favourite type of work is in the paddock when she has some space to stretch out and do a few kilometres behind a mob of sheep. She loves to go all day every day and hates being left behind. Fly has spent most of her time on a station out of Condobolin in the flat red country but these days she's mostly covering the much colder rolling hills of Boorowa. Oliver decided to enter the Cobber Challenge this year because he thinks Fly is a true legend: incredibly loyal and attentive, with a heart of gold and a motor that seems as big as any racehorse's.

Oliver Adlington

I work on a property near Boorowa, NSW, which is only about 1,000ha but also spend some time on two other places which are about 2,400ha and 1,600ha. Some of my fondest memories are of going to work with my grandfather and his dogs as a young fella. Since finishing school about four years ago I've put a team of my own dogs together. I usually have to make Fly go and get a drink because she doesn't like to stop. Fly has never failed me yet - that's why she's my main dog. Her working strength is certainly her desire to please me; she'll do anything I ask of her and keep doing so all day, and then she'll be just as keen to do it again the next day. I've lived on my own since leaving school so Fly has become my best mate. I don't know what I'd do with myself if she wasn't around.