• RepresentingTAS
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age2
  • GenderMale

Bred from Wyreema lines, Hooch is a good-looking dog with a love for paddock work. Hooch is smart and can work independently, often gathering in large mobs from the paddock on his own and backing a full yard by himself while Molly works up the front. Hooch loves a wide cast in the paddock and always seizes a chance to stretch his feet and stay one step ahead of the mob. Hooch's love for a pat and a cuddle earned him the nickname "Smoochie Hoochie" from Molly. While Hooch is a strong, independent dog, he also has an infatuation with the farm's Jack Russel-Beagle cross and he's often found staring at her from a distance.

Molly Cornish

I'm the senior stockhand on an intensive sheep grazing property in north-eastern Tasmania. I received my first dog, Nala, when I was eight years old. She was the first dog I trained and many years later it was Nala I started my stud, Cottasbrook Kelpies, with. I learn a lot from my dogs. I find it really rewarding to put the time and effort into training a dog and then be able to reap the rewards when they put in the hard yards for me. Hooch and I have a very strong bong because we've been working together since he was a pup. He is very protective of me and is a truly loyal dog, which I appreciate every day. I can't wait to get stuck into the Challenge because I think Hooch needs to be recognised for the amount of work he does for me and the farm I work on. We're both young and we love working hard so I think we're a great team for the Challenge.