• RepresentingNSW
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age7
  • GenderFemale

Jess has been a part of Glenda's family for over 7 years. She loves to work, and is always keen to cast out and lead the mob or stay at the back and keep the mob on track. She's a fast mover and can cover a lot of meters pretty instantly. Jess is tough, and isn't fazed by steep mountains or moving large mobs through the river. She's a serious operator until it's time to jump into the Toyata. All of a sudden Jess becomes less dog and more rabbit, jumping up and down on the spot until Glenda can stop what she's doing and help her in. Jess had a criminal reputation as a puppy, known for taking off with peoples' wallets. After some behaviour intervention, Jess is now a more responsible member of canine society.

Glenda Rogan

I work on my family's beef cattle property, "Cinnabar", in northern NSW. We're on approximately 14,000 acres over undulating country, steeper mountain country and the Clarence River, so Jess and I are kept very busy. Most of our work involves cattle mustering, educating young cattle, moving stock around the property, checking the welfare of the livestock and checking fences. Jess is with me every day, so she covers a lot of kilometers. Working dogs make handling a large mob of cattle a lot easier and Jess really knows her job. I'd describe my relationship with her as being like family. She's very reliable and loyal and she has a serious work ethic so I entered the Cobber Challenge to really shine a light on what she does for the business!