Sarah Richards VIC

Location Barrabool
Occupation Sheep farmer

Sarah Richards, the owner of Futura Mate, is a sheep farmer from Barrabool, Victoria. After entering Marcus Oldham College, Sarah worked placements in Darwin and NSW and before her placement returned her to Victoria. Moving around the country and placing in dog trials, Sarah and her best friend, Mate are a resourceful duo. After teaching Mate to open the toilet door, he couldn't be stopped. Sarah's solution? Teach Mate to close the door.

Mate VIC

Location Barrabool
Age 5
Gender Male

Every trial to which Sarah Richards has taken her Kelpie, Mate, he has placed. Mate is Sarah's soul dog, he's travelled with her around Australia when she was completing her studies. Mate is happy to work wherever, with cows, sheep, in the yards or in sheds. He just doesn't like getting locked out; he'll jump the fence just to see what you're doing. It's not a surprise then that he can open (and close) doors. In his repertoire of tricks, he's ace at playing dead, rolling over and high fives.


Overall Position Metric Total
12 12 Speed 2.06 km/h
  12 Distance 24.1 km
  12 Duration 11h 42m 44s


Date Speed Distance Duration Points  
06/09/2017 0.41 km/h 1.0 km 2h 24m 43s 347 View map
04/09/2017 1.70 km/h 13.5 km 7h 56m 47s 2927 View map
02/09/2017 7.16 km/h 5.0 km 0h 41m 29s 4178 View map
30/08/2017 5.18 km/h 1.8 km 0h 21m 0s 2745 View map
29/08/2017 9.08 km/h 2.8 km 0h 18m 45s 4759 View map