Sam McCarthy SA

Location Spalding
Occupation Sheep farmer

Sam McCarthy, the owner of Max, is a sheep farmer from Spalding, South Australia. After spending a year at university, Sam left for the farm. Fast forward seven years, Sam is now a livestock overseer at an 8500-acre merino property. Being outside and working with livestock every day alongside his team of four dogs is what he enjoys doing.

Max SA

Location Spalding
Age 4
Gender Male

Max is always there to help and never gives up. He is always working, always running as hard as he can to try and please you. Max doesn't like people much but when he's out with the sheep he's in his element. Max is his handler Sam's best dog. Max will listen to other handlers other than Sam, but if Sam is around Max'll always look to his own boss to see what he's got to say over anyone else. When he's out with the sheep, though, he's very confident and always keen to work. When he's off work he lays around in the sun or plays with the other dogs.


Overall Position Metric Total
4 9 Speed 4.45 km/h
  4 Distance 467.5 km
  2 Duration 105h 4m 4s