• RepresentingSA
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age4
  • GenderMale

Mitch is a multitasker. He loves the paddock, he's great in the yards, and he's even a skilful goat dog, bringing in mobs of goats before Matt's even realised they're there. Mitch and Matt have been partners from day one. Mitch claimed the front seat as a puppy, and he still gives Matt no choice on the matter today. At his best when he's in charge of a large mob, Mitch's lifelong mission is to not let anything slip past him. Mitch currently has an intern and is showing young pup Sasha everything there is to know about casting out and keeping mobs on track.

Matthew Scharkie

I work on a sheep property in the mid-north of South Australia. We shear around 20,000 sheep a year and run some additional cows and feral goats over a broad range of country, from gentle flats to ranges and scrub. I've been working with dogs for many years and I know that having a good dog by your side makes the working day a lot easier. I think the results from the Cobber Challenge will show how much I rely on my dogs and how much country they can cover for me in a day. Mitch is my right-hand man. We have great respect for each other and he's very loyal. I think Mitch's personality, combined with how hard he works, will have people following him keenly during the challenge.