• RepresentingQLD
  • BreedBorder Collie
  • Age2
  • GenderMale

Just when Christian's former competing dog, Storm, was ready to go, she came on heat and had to be sidelined. Luckily, her fellow teammate Razor was more than ready to step up for the challenge. Razor is a two-year-old, tri colour border collie. Christian bought him as a twelve-month-old from Carrdoon Working Dogs, and he's been a crucial member of Christian's A-team ever since. Razor reads stock like a book, and only needs to move his body in order to hold them right where he needs them. In his spare time, Razor moonlights as a Rockstar, often "singing" to Christian when the mood strikes. The pair have a strong bond, and when Christian knows there's "tough stuff" ahead, he turns to Razor to take it on. Razor will definitely be one to watch!

Christian Bjelke-Peterson

We run cattle on "Bethany": mixed herds with Charolais bulls. The home place is 360ha and a few other blocks add up to about another 1000ha. I also have a contract mustering business. Storm and I go all the way up to Comet (near Emerald in Central Queensland) - that's well over 800km from Kingaroy. When it's quiet I help out at home, doing cattle work with Dad. We always had dogs but I didn't start getting into them bigtime until I finished ag college and was working in Central Queensland at the end of 2014. I have a team - four that I take with me, Storm being a part of that - plus a few younger or older dogs that don't go to work anymore. One dog can cover the amount two men can do. You get a fair bit done with just a few dogs. Storm's also a bit of companionship when I'm away from home for so long. That's a big thing, I guess: the way she keeps me half sane.