Jandre Slabbert VIC

Location Grassdale
Occupation Beef and sheep farmer

Jandre Slabbert, the owner of Rex, is a beef and sheep farmer from Greendale, Victoria. Jandre and Rex narrowly missed out on being last year's Cobber Champions. He's back this year, with his eyes on the prize. Before working on the farm, Jandre did his time at a bank working in the city. After a couple years, he pulled the pin on it, a decision he hasn't regretted. Now, Jandre spends his time working with and training dogs. It can be a slow journey, but watching the dogs improve each day is the biggest highlight for Jandre.


Location Grassdale
Age 3
Gender Male

Last year's runner up Rex is the ringleader of the pack of four kelpies that Jandre works. Narrowly missing out on the big prize, Rex is back for another try to be Australia's toughest working dog. The well-behaved, 3-year-old Kelpie has a few quirks, though. He hordes his bones in his kennel to go back to at some later date.


Overall Position Metric Total
9 7 Speed 4.95 km/h
  9 Distance 207.4 km
  8 Duration 41h 53m 56s


Date Speed Distance Duration Points  
08/09/2017 4.02 km/h 17.1 km 4h 15m 0s 4596 View map
07/09/2017 4.11 km/h 22.7 km 5h 32m 0s 5520 View map
06/09/2017 9.16 km/h 29.1 km 3h 10m 30s 8917 View map
05/09/2017 5.55 km/h 19.6 km 3h 32m 0s 5715 View map
01/09/2017 12.40 km/h 11.8 km 0h 57m 0s 7740 View map
31/08/2017 4.89 km/h 21.9 km 4h 29m 0s 5768 View map
30/08/2017 4.75 km/h 25.4 km 5h 20m 30s 6242 View map
29/08/2017 3.88 km/h 32.6 km 8h 24m 30s 6963 View map
28/08/2017 4.36 km/h 27.1 km 6h 13m 26s 6328 View map