Bec Sneath NSW

Location Kyogle
Occupation Beef and dairy farmer

Bec Sneath, the owner of Riley, is a beef and dairy farmer managing a property in Kyogle, far north New South Wales. Raised on a dairy farm, Bec has grown up with a love for the work. As a sixth-generation dairy farmer, it's part of her blood. Working with dogs and horses each day fuels Bec's passion for a hard day's yakka on the farm. But farming is not the only thing on Bec's plate. Between running her own photography business, managing horses, campdrafting and being a mother of three Bec couldn't be happier that she has Riley to help out.

Riley NSW

Border Collie
Location Kyogle
Age 2
Gender Male

Riley comes from good trial-dog breeding. He has been herding cows his whole life, starting with a particularly big cow when he was 8 weeks old. He works well with the horses and the cows on their dairy farm in NSW. When he's not working he sits with his owner, Bec Sneath, on the tractor or up on the horse with her. Or he'll be relaxing out the back door. When Bec can't find her youngest who is almost 5 years, she doesn't worry too much because she'll know Riley will be out there with him keeping him safe.


Overall Position Metric Total
2 6 Speed 5.07 km/h
  2 Distance 609.5 km
  1 Duration 120h 12m 45s