• Representing
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age6
  • GenderFemale

Boonining Rosie was born in May 2012 and has a full pedigree going back five generations. She's a very intelligent sheep dog with great understanding of what her sheep are up to. Karyn says she can always reply on Rosie to put herself in the right position. Most of the time their relationship is very good but there are also times when Karyn could pull her hair out - although she says this has improved as Rosie has mellowed with age. Rosie prefers paddock work to being in the yards but nevertheless has great block and cover. She's a lovely friendly dog and, as a special treat, when Karyn takes her away to a dog trial she's allowed to sleep on the bed. A few years ago she also flew to Tasmania and travelled the state in a hired camper van with Karyn and another dog, Jed, where all three had a great time competing in the Australian National Yard Trials in Ross and the National Kelpie Championships at "Connorville", Cressy, and visiting the beach, the rainforest, winding roads and various historical sites.

Karyn Buller

I grew up on a farm so working dogs have always been part of my life. About 25 years ago I attended my first dog training school to gain better knowledge and understanding of how to train work dogs. I also started competition trialling about 10 years ago, which made me lift my standards and put more training into my dogs. Because I do most of the mustering on our 5,000ha farm at Darkan in south-west Western Australia, I've often wondered how many kilometers a dog travels when mustering sheep. I can clock up 100km in my UTV but the dog must travel much further than that. Farming is my life. I love being out mustering and I'm very particular about the type of dog I breed or buy as I like to handle the sheep as calmly as possible. I like a dog with good stock sense and a calm presence. I have a "golf bag of dogs", from the driver - the yard dog - through to the putter - the first dog I put on a mob - and then some in between.