James Bargenquast QLD

Location Monto
Occupation Beef farmer

James Bargenquast, the owner of Ruby, is a beef farmer managing a property in Monto, Queensland. As the owner of a 10-dog farm team, James knows the value working dogs lend to Australian farms. James is a long-time cattle farmer, producing beef as soon as he graduated from high school. Since then, working with dogs and horses have been his highlights. After many years of cattle farming, he still loves what he does.

Ruby QLD

Border Collie
Location Monto
Age 2
Gender Female

James was looking for two dogs to fill out his farm team. When he picked up Ruby, he didn't know she'd be able to cover for two dogs' work. A couple years later, Ruby is James' main dog, proving herself a true gem out of a team of 10 dogs. She has an insatiable will to work, and endless energy for the job be it working cattle or horses. In her down time, Ruby doesn't switch off. When she's not working she loves running, and sprinting with the farm bikes.


Overall Position Metric Total
5 3 Speed 8.10 km/h
  5 Distance 453.6 km
  5 Duration 56h 0m 17s