Suzi Northcott SA

Location German Creek
Occupation Beef and sheep farmer

Suzi Northcott, the owner of Sting, is a sheep and beef farmer from German Greek, South Australia. As Sting's breeder, Suzi's highlight has been watching him grow and develop into her main working dog. Suzi is a full-time stockman, and knows how valuable Sting is to the farming team.

Sting SA

Border Collie
Location German Creek
Age 2
Gender Male

Sting got his name when, as a pup, he crossed the wrong bee. His face swelled all up and they had to take him to the vet. Sting's handler, Suzi, can use Sting anywhere. The 2-year-old Border Collie is her main work dog but, when he's off work, he'll shy around the house and be found playing with the foot-ball.


Overall Position Metric Total
10 8 Speed 4.51 km/h
  10 Distance 152.3 km
  9 Duration 33h 45m 32s


Date Speed Distance Duration Points  
12/09/2017 8.35 km/h 0.8 km 0h 5m 55s 4093 View map
11/09/2017 6.15 km/h 19.0 km 3h 5m 18s 5903 View map
07/09/2017 3.15 km/h 5.6 km 1h 47m 36s 2381 View map
06/09/2017 2.98 km/h 20.1 km 6h 44m 22s 4566 View map
05/09/2017 5.32 km/h 32.8 km 6h 9m 31s 7675 View map
01/09/2017 11.49 km/h 1.3 km 0h 6m 45s 5662 View map
31/08/2017 4.88 km/h 37.2 km 7h 37m 58s 8159 View map
30/08/2017 4.05 km/h 13.7 km 3h 22m 33s 4070 View map
29/08/2017 3.62 km/h 2.2 km 0h 37m 8s 2070 View map
28/08/2017 4.72 km/h 19.5 km 4h 8m 26s 5311