• RepresentingQLD
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age4
  • GenderFemale
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When Bonnie was first sold to Sam, she was just a young pup. Even at a young age, it was clear she had a lot of natural talent. She didn't need much training before she was taking the lead of Sam's dog team. Bonnie has an independent spirit with a strong sense of loyalty. Working most days of the year with a variety of cattle including breeders, dry cattle and small mobs of feral cattle, Bonnie racks up the kilometres. She's more than ready to prove herself in the Cobber Challenge.

Sam Wright

Sam manages his family's cattle breeding and backgrounding operation southwest of Mackay. Sam bought Bonnie when she was just a 4-month pup raising her for the past three and a half years. Now she's the top dog in a team of 14. For Sam, the Cobber Challenge is a way to learn more about Bonnie and how much work she does. He knows how hard Bonnie works and hopes the competition might give her the recognition she deserves.