• Representing
  • BreedBorder Collie
  • Age4
  • GenderFemale

Bridie is always the first dog off the ute whatever the situation - mustering, drafting, crutching, lamb marking. And when things aren't going to plan, she's Jim's main go-to dog. When she's not working, Bridie likes to play fetch with a ball and nags Jim to play. Bridie is Jim's top dog, and she knows it. She believes she's queen dog in every aspect of the word. With how much she puts in, Jim doesn't doubt she deserves the title.

Jim Harradine

Working livestock has always been part of Jim's life. Starting in the industry since he left school in 2013, he's been working with sheep ever since. After some time working a few different stations, Jim has taken on the role of livestock contractor, doing mainly crutching and lamb marking. Bridie was the first dog that Jim bred, and that first connection has been irreplaceable. Watching Bridie get to where she is now has been an incredibly satisfying journey. Now Bridie takes the title of top dog in Jim's team of six.