• RepresentingTAS
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age4
  • GenderFemale
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When Brendon got Lady, he saw that he had a winner on his hands. A complete natural, she got into the groove without much training, taking the job in her stride. Lady has a 'go-all-day' work ethic that makes her a contender for the Cobber crown. When she’s not working, she'll follow you around, wanting to spend time with you. Lady is eager to please and will always go the extra mile. One time, when she was out bringing in ewes with the other dogs, they ended up bringing back 18 deer too!

Brendon Johnson

Being a stockman is in Brendon's blood. Following in the footsteps of his father, Brendon has been a stockman for eight and a half years. Now, he works as a at Fairfield, on a property of about 2,000 acres handling cattle and sheep. Brendon grew up with working dogs and has always known the value of a good kelpie. He's confident that Lady, his leading dog, can take out the trophy this year.