Myamba Larry

  • RepresentingVIC
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age7
  • GenderMale
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Larry is hard worker with a big heart – he just never stops. He really excels when he’s working sheep in the yards. He covers quite a bit of ground out in the paddocks where it can be quite steep in spots. He can be quite intense when he’s working, but as soon as the day’s over, he’s as cheeky as anything. One day we were finishing up working in the sheep yards and I called Larry to come sit in the ute. There was another fellow in the drenching sheep in the race, and Larry backed up over him much to the man’s surprise! I think Larry’s hard working spirit will see us seize the Cobber Challenge title once again.

Damien Clifford

I split my time between managing livestock on a property with 9,000 ewes and a couple hundred cattle, and my own farm where we have 1,200 ewes and about 150 cattle. I’ve been working with dogs for over a decade. It’s hard to put into words what I love about working dogs, but it’s just great to be outdoors, working with animals. Larry and I have been working together since he was born seven and a half years ago. Together, we took out the inaugural Cobber Championship in 2016. It’s great to be back five years later to see how far we’ve come.