• RepresentingSA
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age6
  • GenderMale
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I’ve had Max since he was born seven and a half years ago. Max is my go-to dog for any job, especially in the paddock. He very rarely listens to what anyone else asks him to do, only having eyes and ears for me. Max is very timid when it comes to interacting with people. With stock it’s a completely different story. He loves getting out in the paddock but is used to working across a broad variety of terrain from steep rocky hills and open broadacre paddock at home to saltbush/bluebush flats on the Nullarbor, He keeps a good distance off the stock in a paddock situation and he has knack of knowing how hard he can/can’t push the mob.

Sam McCarthy

I work on my family’s broadacre cropping and sheep farm in the mid north of South Australia. I’ve worked with dogs for as long as I can remember, starting with my dad’s dogs as a kid, then with my own dogs after finishing school 10 years ago. I enjoy seeing how much my dogs love being at work and doing what they do best. Their devotion to their job is something to admire. Since competing in the 2017 Cobber Challenge, I’ve moved locations and my tasks have changed. I’ve entered the Cobber Challenge as an All Star because I am curious to see how my dogs will perform in a different environment.