• RepresentingQLD
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age3
  • GenderFemale
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Roudy will work all day just for a pat on the head and some food. She’s been with me for about four years and she loves working in the paddock, especially with sheep and goats. She is fast, agile, she loves to block up and she works on flat, red mulga country so she is very fit.

Oliver Armstrong

I am a farm hand on a sheep, cattle and goat property in Queensland and I’ve worked with dogs for about 3 years. I find working with dogs to be very rewarding, particularly because of the relationship that we form together. Roudy is my best mate, so I entered the Cobber Challenge to prove how hard working she is.

* Being from a remote part of Australia, Oliver and Roudy are finding it hard to get to a reliable internet source. Roudy tells us she's working hard behind the scenes, but it might take a long time for her data to come through. Keep an eye out... she could be a surprise addition to the top of the leaderboard late in the Challenge!