• RepresentingQLD
  • BreedKelpie x Collie
  • Age2
  • GenderMale
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How did Socks get his name? When he was first sold to Heidi, he was wearing socks! The name stuck, and he's been warming hearts ever since. From a young age Socks has been Heidi's top dog. Relentlessly improving and growing, Socks is always up for a challenge. His bond with Heidi solidified by his playful and loving temperament. Socks is the kind of dog that sits beside you with love in his eyes, ready to do anything to please you. Heidi couldn't think of a better partner to tackle the Cobber Challenge.

Heidi Harrold

It'd be no exaggeration to say that Heidi was born to handle working dogs. Growing up in a farming family, Heidi has been with working dogs since she was a baby. Heidi received her first dog when she was 15 and has grown her team to eight dogs since then. Out of all of them, Socks is the one with whom Heidi has the strongest bond. It might be because Heidi raised him up from 6 months old, or because Socks seems capable of reading Heidi's mind when on the job. Either way, Heidi's sure that their wonderful partnership will give them a real shot at the Cobber trophy.