• RepresentingNSW
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age4
  • GenderMale
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At 3.5 years old, Turbo has become a very good stock dog. His job on a top-quality Merino stud requires him to handle stock with calmness and precision, and Daniel says he's shaping up to be a competitive trial dog, having made the finals of most yard trials this year and scoring 99 in a qualifying round. Turbo is at ease in the paddocks and is rebuilding confidence in the yards after a collision with two sheep in 2017 resulted in a broken back and infection. Luckily, Turbo aced his rehab and quickly took back his spot at the top of Daniel's team!

Daniel Pumpa

Daniel loves working with, trialling and training dogs. He has 16 dogs, including pups, but plans to sell some under his stud name Collite Kelpies. Daniel is a station hand at Roseville Park Merino and Poll Merino stud in Wambangalang, NSW, where there are 6500 sheep run over 8000 acres. Daniel's passion for working dogs began as a teenager, when his brother-in-law gave him a dog. A few years later he purchased a dog from Gary White (White's Kelpie Stud), marking the beginning of Turbo's lineage. As well as being good work mates, Daniel's dogs make his work "a hell of a lot easier".