• RepresentingTAS
  • BreedSmithfield x Kelpie
  • Age1
  • GenderMale
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Even though he’s young Whiskey works just hard, if not harder than the rest. He loves every single second of working. If I don’t take him to work, he just sits on his chain and whinges all day. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the sheds or the yard or the paddock, he just loves every bit of it. He loves to go flat out, but if I ask him to slow down, he’ll go nice and steady. He is as brave as anything and will take on big rams and cattle like it’s nothing.

Jack Febey

I work as a stockman on a mixed farm of cropping and sheep. I’ve been working with dogs for about 5 years and I love it because when the dogs really get going and bring round a big mob of sheep, it makes you feel very accomplished. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had working dogs. I got Whiskey just when the Cobber Challenge started last year, so he’s not even 12 months old and he’s already an incredible dog. I got him when he was just seven weeks old and I’ve been taking him to work with me nearly every day since. We have a close bond. If I call him over to me, he’ll come right up and jump into my arms, where he’s happy to stay for a while. He works alongside my dog from last year, Monty, so I’m interested to see how Whiskey’s performance matches up.

* Our 2020 speedster Whiskey is on vet-ordered bed rest after injuring his foot this week. Unfortunately, this means that our Tasmanian All Star team won't be working in the final week of the challenge. We wish Whiskey a speedy recovery and thank Jack for his valiant efforts in competing this year. But don't worry, this isn't the last you're hearing from Whiskey and Jack - stay tuned for a little story about their journey in this year's Challenge!