Breed Kelpie
Age 6
Owner Zoe

Hi, I'm Bruce, a 6-year old Kelpie and my mum is Zoe. She's a photographer. Mum has worked a lot with the lovely people, Bruce and Evanne, at Australian Movie Livestock, where they breed yellow Kelpies, like me, for movie and TV work. Mum just loved their dogs so much, she asked them for a puppy and here I am! Mum named me after the Bruce who bred me, but she says I'm not like a typical Kelpie because I'm too chilled. She says I don't have hyperactive bone in my body, although I am either flat out running, or flat out sleeping. And I drool. A lot. Very un-Kelpie-like!

I've fitted in well with the family. There was a dog here when I arrived and I've just followed his lead. I don't need too much time or attention - just the occasional tummy rub. I love playing with the kids and other animals, but I'm not too sure about echidnas and their spikes so I always bark at them to scare them away from us.

I usually spend my days lazing about the house until something interesting happens, and then I'm off to investigate! Some people ask Mum if I'm a dingo and she always tells a little white lie and says yes, because she thinks it sounds exotic!

Bruce - Monday