Breed Kelpie cross
Age 6
Owner Sam and Tim

Hi, I'm Oscar, a 6-year old Kelpie cross who was adopted by Sam and Tim in 2015 from Pyrenees Animal Rescue. They don't know much about my history but I was such a friendly and cuddly dog it was love at first pat!

Sam and Tim have been married for five years but met back in high school. They currently live in Cooma, NSW. Sam had been begging Tim to get a dog for years and in 2015 he eventually caved. They adopted me because it was important to them to give a rescue dog a second chance at a good life. When I first arrived, Sam and Tim spent time teaching me some new manners and I've become a great family dog and am loved by everyone. They are also parents to 2-year old human called Isobel and between us we keep Sam and Tim on their toes.

I love to run and swim and enjoy running off lead in the bush with Tim. I'm thoroughly spoilt and love to sneak onto the bed at night for a cuddle.

Oscar - Monday