Breed Australian Shepherd
Age 7
Owner Nikola

Hi, I'm Reuben and I'm an Australian Shepherd - a herding breed developed in the USA. Our breed got its name because it was associated with Australia's Merino sheep.

Everyday I do lots of activities with my companion Nikola. I'm an Australian Champion show dog and I compete in other activities. I have a basic level herding test (3 sheep trial) and would love to do more (but Nikola needs to learn more first), plus an obedience title called Rally Novice. I'm also halfway through my Working Pack Dog title, which means I carry 30% of my body weight for 64kms in up to four walks. I love training for this and it's been good for Nikola too!

But my most important job is teaching hundreds of school and kindergarten students, that Nikola and I visit, on how to be safe around dogs. I meet children from migrant backgrounds and show them what they need to do around dogs because many have never seen a dog or, if they have, they've had a bad experience. After our sessions end, many of the students ask Nikola if they can give me gentle pat on my back, which I love!

So, while I could love being out working sheep all day like the Cobber Challenge competitors, I live a full life in semi-suburbia, with a different sort of dog job.