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Cobber provides perfectly balanced nutrition for your working dog

17 November 2016

By David Nash, Head Animal Nutritionist, Ridley

Working dogs need to be on their game both physically and mentally at the end of the day as they are at the start of the day – which is challenging when you consider that Australian Working dogs can travel up to 60km during the course of their working day.

The nutrition of working dogs is therefore extremely important to them performing consistently at this elite level, fueling them during periods of strenuous exercise and assisting in recovery and repair of muscles while at rest.

Working dogs will quickly lose condition and drop off in performance if not provided with the right balance of key nutrients during work and rest. And that will lead to an unhappy farmer and an unhappy dog.

Cobber has formulated its diets using the knowhow from working side by side with farmers and their working dogs for over 30 years. Cobber Working Dog has the perfect balance of proteins that are rich in essential amino acids for muscle condition, energy-dense fats and complex carbohydrates for sustained energy.

Cobber diets also incorporate essential nutrients such as antioxidants to help reduce and protect muscles from oxidative damage as well as Omega Essential Fatty Acids DHA and EPA for mental alertness and its noted anti-inflammatory effects.

A working dog needs to be healthy inside and out, so Cobber includes functional ingredients which act as prebiotics to encourage a stable and balanced gut bacteria population.

In addition to providing working dogs across Australia with an opportunity to show what they do, The Cobber Challenge will also provide useful data to help us continue to refine our diets so that working dogs can run harder for longer

David has been an animal nutritionist and animal research scientist for nearly 20 years. During this time he has published numerous research papers for scientific journals and conferences as well as being a prolific writer for industry publications. David has been Ridley's internal canine specialist for three years and has attended key international conferences to ensure the Cobber Dog range is at the forefront of canine nutrition. David and his wife own two dogs on their farm, a stumpy tail cattle dog named Sapphire and Otis the Labrador.

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