About Cobber

The Cobber Challenge

The Cobber Challenge is a celebration of the unsung heroes of Australian and New Zealand farms - working dogs. Twelve competitors are selected from across Australia and New Zealand.

These dogs are given a GPS collar that tracks their distance, working duration and speed over a three-week period. Points are accorded, the dogs are ranked and by the end of the challenge we have a new Cobber Champion.

In the last few competitions, dogs have regularly clocked over 50km in a day, highlighting what a vital member of the team they are. Cobber provided the fuel for these dogs, as it does for thousands of working dogs every day around the country.

About Cobber

Cobber has worked side-by-side with those that work, live and love this great land of ours for over 30 years.

And in that time we have learnt that farming in Australia is no like farming anywhere else in the world.

It has its unique opportunities and challenges, and requires a toughness and resilience from both the farmer and their dogs

Cobber has developed a range of complete dry feeds for dogs who live, work and play in the country.

They have been formulated to provide the perfect balance of nutrients to enable them to remain in peak condition and fitness, day in and day out.

Cobber Product Range

Visit www.cobberdogfood.com.au to learn more.


For media enquiries and for further information about the Cobber Challenge competition, please contact Laura Griffin on laura@curriecommunications.com.au