The Cobber Challenge is a celebration of the unsung heroes of Australian farms - working dogs. Twelve competitors are selected; two each from TAS, VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and WA. These dogs are given a GPS collar that tracks their distance, working duration and speed over a three-week period. Points are accorded, the dogs are ranked and by the end of the challenge we have a new Cobber Champion.

In the last few competitions, dogs have regularly clocked over 50km in a day, highlighting what a vital member of the team they are. Cobber provided the fuel for these dogs, as it does for thousands of working dogs every day around the country.

So far, we've had two winners from Victoria and one from Tasmania. Can a northern state seize the trophy this year or will the south hang on?

Apply for the 2019 Cobber Challenge!

No matter the breed or work they do, owners of working dogs are encouraged to nominate their canine co-workers. Two dogs from each Australian state will be selected from the nominations to compete in the fourth annual Cobber Challenge.

Nominations are now closed

2018 Cobber Champions

The reigning champions are Boof and owner Henry Lawrence, from Victoria! Check out Boof's stats, along with those of his fierce fellow competitors.


Boof VIC

SPEED 10.62 km/h
DISTANCE 638.1 km
DURATION 60h 6m 31s
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