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Buddy NSW

SPEED 8.51 km/h
DISTANCE 835.0 km
DURATION 98h 4m 56s
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Congratulations All Stars Glenda and Buddy, our 2020 Cobber Challenge Champions!

Cobber All Stars


The Cobber Challenge is a celebration of the unsung heroes of Australian farms - working dogs. Twelve competitors are selected; two each from TAS, VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and WA. These dogs are given a GPS collar that tracks their distance, working duration and speed over a three-week period. Points are accorded, the dogs are ranked and by the end of the challenge we have a new Cobber Champion.

In the last few competitions, dogs have regularly clocked over 50km in a day, highlighting what a vital member of the team they are. Cobber provided the fuel for these dogs, as it does for thousands of working dogs every day around the country.

2020 Cobber Challenge: All Stars Vs Contenders

In 2020 the Cobber Challenge is marking its fifth year of celebrating Australia's hardest working dogs!

In the past four years we have cheered on 42 working dogs across Australia as they demonstrate what it takes to be the most valuable team member on Australian farms. This year, we're bringing back six of your favourite competitors in an All Star team.

Whose team are you on... the experienced All Stars, or the fresh new Contenders?

Cobber All Stars Cobber Contenders

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