The Winner Is!

Skyblue Jack VIC

SPEED 11.59 km/h
DISTANCE 1,012.6 km
DURATION 87h 21m 48s
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Congratulations Ben and Skyblue Jack, our 2021 Cobber Champions!

Cobber Trans-Tasman


The Cobber Challenge is a celebration of working dogs and the vital contribution they make to farming team. Twelve competitors are selected; with New Zealand farmers invited to compete for the first time in 2021. These dogs are given a GPS collar that tracks their distance, working duration and speed over a three-week period. Points are accorded, the dogs are ranked, and by the end of the challenge we have a new Cobber Champion. Winners receive a $3,000 cash prize and a year's supply of Cobber Working Dog food.

In the last few competitions, dogs have regularly clocked over 50km in a day, highlighting their contribution to a farming business. Cobber provided the fuel for these dogs, as it does for thousands of working dogs every day across Australia and New Zealand.

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