About Cobber

So what is the Cobber Challenge


The Cobber Challenge is a celebration of the unique partnership that keeps farms running across Australia and New Zealand - farmers and their working dogs.

Since 2016, the Cobber Challenge has shared the true stories of the lives of working dogs.

We use GPS collars to tracks the distance, duration and speed that Aussie and Kiwi dog clock over a three-week period. We've seen sprints as fast as Usain Bolt, and dogs covering 1,000km in just three weeks.

Along the way, we've seen how hard our farmer's work. But not without their best mates by their sides.

Cobber is proud to provide the food that fuels working dogs across Australia and the Tasman.


Cobber provides the fuel for these dogs, as it does for thousands of working dogs every day around the country.

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