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Does your dog have what it takes to be crowned Australia's hardest working dog?

Put it to the test by nominating for the 2019 Cobber Working Dog Challenge.

Two dogs from each Australian state will be selected from the nominations to compete in the fourth annual Cobber Challenge.

The Cobber Challenge tracks the dogs' work over a three week period; this year from Monday 12 August to Sunday 1 September.

Each of the 12 competing dogs will wear a GPS collar to track how hard they work in their natural environment. The competitors will be scored based on distance, speed and duration of work per day. Their data will be uploaded daily, so people can follow the performance of individual dogs, as well as the best performing state. Points will be calculated based on this information to crown the 2019 Cobber Challenge champion.

As well as the glory of being a Cobber Champion, and a year's supply of Cobber Working Dog feed, this year's winner will receive a $3000 cash prize to be attributed to one/any of the following pursuits:

  • A working dog breeding program (existing or new)
  • Further training for your working dog
  • Participation in working dog trials

Click here to nominate yourself and your dog for the 2019 Cobber Challenge

For your nomination to be successful, you must:

  • Be available during the competition dates of Monday 12 August to Sunday 1 September
  • Have access to a computer with Windows 7 or more, and have reliable internet
  • Have basic computer skills
  • Work on a farm regularly
  • Have a working dog with a moderate to high level of fitness
  • Be willing to talk with some media about your participation

We will consider nominees favourably who:

  • Have any social media accounts
  • Are able to take photos and video footage from their phone

We wish you good luck for your nomination! If any issues arise while completing your nomination, please contact Laura Browning via email at