• RepresentingTAS
  • BreedBorder Collie
  • Age1
  • GenderMale
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I bred Hurricane, so he has been with me his whole life. He’s from very high achieving and proven competition three sheep trialling lines! There are 11 Australian rep dogs in his pedigree! His best traits are that he’s determined, hardy, fast, athletic and spirited but obedient. He’s usually working over run country, hills, scrub and open flats and he loves his paddock and mob work. Hurri loves attention, he never stops staring at me and he loves to give his paw to you.

Pip Flower

I am a livestock overseer on a 20,000 acre farm in Tasmania and we run half wool and meat sheep, with a fat lamb finishing operation every season. I’ve been working with dogs for about 9 years and I think the best bit is seeing a young dog grow and excel. I enjoy the bond that is formed with a dog on their journey from being a pup to a finished working dog, through to retirement. Hurricane’s grandmother was my first ever dog and I’ve travelled to the UK and back with his uncle. He reminds me of those dogs and he’s very attached to me – he follows me everywhere! I think people will fall in love with Hurri and his antics, and will hopefully appreciate the hard work he does for us.