• RepresentingSA
  • BreedKelpie
  • Age6
  • GenderMale
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Mitch is my right-hand man. I’d like to say that I am the boss, but he is definitely the one in charge and has a good way of getting attention when he wants it. It really is like working with your best mate. We have great respect for each other and he’s very loyal. Mitch is a multitasker. He loves the paddock, he’s great in the yards, and he’s even a skilful goat dog, spotting and bringing in mobs of goats. He’s always keen for work to start – when I go to let him out of the kennel, he bounces on the spot quite high, very excitedly. When the workday is over, Mitch is very good at sucking you in for a belly rub.

Matt Scharkie

I work on a sheep property in the mid-north of South Australia. We shear around 20,000 sheep a year and run some additional cows over a broad range of country, from gentle flats to ranges and scrub. I grew up around dogs and have been working with dogs for many years. I know that having a good dog by your side makes the working day a lot easier. Mitch and I competed in 2018, coming third overall. I think with the additional experience, we have a real shot at winning this year’s competition.